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Access the District of Oregon's CM/ECF System here.

The District utilizes a Case Management and Electronic Case Files ("CM/ECF") system that was developed by the Judiciary. For attorneys, it is an electronic intake counter and service agent. For the public, it facilitates research of court records via PACER. It is important to become familiar with both systems if you want to interact effectively with the courts.

CM/ECF and PACER each require the creation of an account to use the service. Attorneys that are members of the Federal Bar for the District of Oregon may register for a CM/ECF account by completing the CM/ECF Registration Form. If you are representing yourself in court, you may apply to become a Registered User of CM/ECF for the purpose of accessing the records and filings in your case. Learn more about filing a request for e-filing and e-service here.

Any member of the public may sign up for a PACER account by visiting the PACER Website. Electronic access to the Court's written opinions is free of charge.  A written opinion is defined as "any document issued by a judge or judges of the court, sitting in that capacity, that sets forth a reasoned explanation for a court's decision." When you access a case record, you may select a "Written Opinions Report" under the Reports menu to identify written opinions in that case. Pleadings, motions, and other documents may be accessed for a fee: retrieval of such information is charged at $0.10 (ten cents) per page. No charge is owed until a PACER user accumulates $15 or more of fees in a given quarter. A full breakdown of the District's  is available.

PACER has a party and case search tool, the PACER Case Locator (registration required). 

See the CM/ECF User Manual to learn more about e-filing and system options. The PACER Website has Electronic Case Filing Tutorials and eTraining. The District of Oregon has additional training materials here.

For individuals interested in learning more about researching using PACER, the PACER User Manual is an excellent place to start. The District of Oregon has no formal position on the use of the RECAP extension for Firefox.

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