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  • Beware of Jury Duty Scams

    Citizens in the District of Oregon are receiving various forms of false communication (scams) by phone or email. A recent scam involves jury forms with official-looking bar codes sent by email that ask for personal information such as social security numbers and mother's maiden name. For more information about jury scams, click here.

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Information for Jurors

Jury Service in Federal Court

The justice system could not function without the participation of those called for jury duty. It is our honor to serve you as you work to ensure fair and impartial decisions. This page covers information for the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. 

You can find addresses for each of our courthouses here. Our FAQ section goes into more detail regarding serving in the District Court. In addition, the Judiciary provides handbooks for serving on petit and grand juries. Please note that the Court has a strict policy on the use of wireless devices in the courtroom.

Received a Jury Questionnaire or Summons?

You can save time by completing your juror qualification questionnaire or juror summons response form online - it's fast and easy!  Click this link to go to the District's eJuror access page for more information.

A video on eJuror and federal jury service is available on the U.S. Courts eJuror page.  The Judicial Council for the Ninth Circuit has also created a video to help potential jurors learn more about jury service.

Please be aware: If you have received a phone call or email regarding your jury duty, do NOT give out any personal information even if asked - our Court will not ask you to provide such information either by phone or email. Please contact our Jury Department (503-326-8100) if you have questions or concerns. More information about identity theft scams and malware emails is available.

Jury Service in State Court

Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. Most legal disputes are adjudicated in courts operated by the state in which the dispute arose. In Oregon, the state trial courts are called circuit courts for the county in which they reside.

If you were called to serve for jury duty by a Circuit Court of a county within Oregon, you will need to visit the Oregon Judicial Department's website for more information.

Mac users please note: Safari is not supported by eJuror. If you are a Mac user who normally uses Safari for web browsing, you will need to use Firefox to access eJuror. Download Firefox for Mac here.

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