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Certificates of Good Standing and Duplicate Certificates

Admitted attorneys are to follow these procedures to request a Certificate of Good Standing or a duplicate Certificate of Admission for the bar of the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon.  Requests are to be electronically filed in CM/ECF and the fee is to be paid via Pay.gov.  (See also the Court's Schedule of Fees and Local Rules 83-1 and 83-5.)

Note: Attorneys requesting a duplicate certificate of admission must state the reason a duplicate is required and also certify that they are no longer in possession of the original.

  1. Complete the  Request for Certificate form and save the PDF file. 
  2. Log into CM/ECF.
  3. Electronically file the request using the "Applicaton for Certificate of Good Standing/Duplicate Certificate of Admission" attorney admissions event from the Admissions and Reinstatement Applications list, which is located under under the Civil menu:

    cert req

    Note: If you use the incorrect event, the entry will not be appropriately restricted.

    If you were admitted after June 15, 2013, file the request in your own "ad" type case number, which you received during your admissions process;

    If you were admitted before June 15, 2013, file the request in case number 3:YY-ad-9000, where "YY" is the current year.

  4. After your request is verified and processed, a CM/ECF "Notice of Electronic Filing" informing you that the Certificate has been issued will be sent to your e-mail address.
  5. A Certificate of Good Standing or duplicate Certificate of Admission will also be sent to you by regular mail or you may select the option to pick up the Certificate at the Clerk's Office Intake counter.


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