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General Inquiries:

For any questions regarding a case before Judge Clarke, please use the Chambers contact form on the right or call Judge Clarke's Courtroom Deputy at (541) 608-8770.

FRCP Rule 16 Conferences:

Judge Clarke sets Rule 16 conferences in his cases after all defendants have answered. Prior to the conference, the parties should consult regarding a discovery plan and anticipate advising Judge Clarke of their plan. The parties should have their calendars available to discuss scheduling, including modification of the current case deadlines for discovery, dispositive motions or pretrial order, and setting a trial date. The parties should be prepared to discuss the pleadings, consent to Magistrate Judge, settlement options, and any other issues that may have arisen.

Discovery Issues:

The parties may contact Judge Clarke at (541) 608-8750 to informally resolve discovery disputes. If the parties wish to schedule a discovery conference in advance, they may use the Chambers contact form on the right or call Judge Clarke's Courtroom Deputy at (541) 608-8770.

Argument on Motions:

Most of the time, Judge Clarke will grant a request for oral argument. Telephone hearings are normally set for out of town counsel.

Trial Setting:

Trial is usually scheduled at the Rule 16 conference. The Court will enter a trial management order which sets out the dates that certain pretrial documents are due. Pretrial conferences are in person at the Courthouse in Medford.

Trial Management Order - Clarke.pdf

Settlement Conferences:

Judge Clarke is available to conduct settlement conferences in cases which are not assigned to him. In cases assigned to Judge Clarke, settlement conferences will be conducted by another Judge. In either situation, parties may request a settlement conference by contacting Judge Clarke's Courtroom Deputy at (541) 608-8770, or by using the Chambers contact form on the right.

Settlement Conference Instructions - Clarke.pdf

Courtroom Rules

  • Mobile devices must be turned off before entering the courtroom.
  • Please provide advance notice when you require teleconferencing, intend to utilize the courtroom's video displays, or have other presentation technology questions.
  • Attorneys and parties should conduct themselves with decorum and manners. This is primarily for your own benefit: jurors, courtroom staff, and public observers consistently state that they prefer a civil and collegial relationship between opposing parties and counsel.

Résumé - Judge Clarke

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