Honorable District Judge Marco A. Hernández

Chambers Information

Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse
Room 1507
1000 Southwest Third Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204-2944

Case Management Information

Courtroom Deputy:  Jennifer Paget 503-326-8051
Case Administrator/Docket Clerk information

Court Reporter:  Nancy Walker 503-326-8186

This Chambers e-mail address has been established for receipt of submitted jury instructions and proposed forms of orders per LR 5 only: .  This address may not be used to submit filings.  Spam or other unauthorized correspondence sent to this address will be deleted.

Proposed Orders: Please do not file proposed orders (except for protective order or pretrial order) or judgments on ECF unless requested by Judge Hernández. If proposed documents are requested by Judge Hernández, they should not be filed, but should be emailed to the courtroom deputy in Word or WordPerfect format.

Pro Se Parties

Parties proceeding pro se (that is, representing yourself without a lawyer) should refer to the District of Oregon's " Handbook for Self-Represented Parties " for helpful information.

Motion for Extension of Time

Motions seeking an extension of time should be filed no less than seven days before the existing deadline.

Discovery Issues

Judge Hernández urges parties to attempt to informally resolve discovery disputes. Pursuant to FRCP 16(b)(3)(B)(v), a party must request a conference with the Court before moving for an order relating to a discovery dispute. Parties may contact Judge Hernández' s Courtroom Deputy to schedule an informal telephone conference or to submit an informal summary of the dispute for the Judge's consideration.

Judge's Copies

Judge Hernández expects all CM/ECF Registered Users under Local Rule 5-1(a), to comply with Local Rule 5-10(a) which provides:

Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, a paper copy, properly fastened pursuant to LR 10-1(e), of the following electronically filed documents, and the Notice of Electronic Filing, must be marked as a "JUDGE'S COPY" and delivered to the Clerk's Office within three business days after the electronic filing: Dispositive motions and motions for injunctive relief (including all related documents), Social Security administrative records, and any other documents (including all related documents) that, in the aggregate, are in excess of ten pages.

Additionally, Judge Hernández prefers that any Judge's paper copy of a combined filing of two inches or more be placed in three-ring binder with tabs for all documents and exhibits.

Oral Argument

Typically, oral arguments for dispositive motions are set at the Rule 16 conference, in advance of the actual filing of a dispositive motion. Judge Hernández may cancel a previously-set oral argument date for a dispositive motion if he determines oral argument is not necessary.  For other motions, the parties will be notified if the Court requires oral argument.

Expectations for Dispositive Motion and Trial Dates:

Judge Hernández expects the vast majority of civil cases to be tried within 18 months of the date of filing.  At a Rule 16 conference, case management dates will be set with this expectation in mind.  The dispositive motion deadline is usually set for 30 days after the close of discovery and a trial date several months thereafter.  Given the Local Rule regarding the timing of dispositive motion responses and replies, the time required for the Court to resolve the motion (with or without oral argument), and the time the parties need to have a decision on dispositive motions before a pretrial order or first wave of trial documents are due, it is highly unlikely that once set, a dispositive motion deadline can be extended without impacting the trial date.  Therefore, motions to extend dispositive motions are looked upon unfavorably. 

Law Clerk and Extern Hiring

Judge Hernández hires one law clerk each year to serve a two-year term. To apply, submit cover letter, resume, law school transcript (unofficial is fine), writing sample (no more than five pages double-spaced; excerpts are fine), and two letters of recommendation to the Chambers address. Applications (hard copy only) must be received between February 15 and April 15.

The Honorable Marco Hernandez, U.S. District Court, Portland, is accepting applications for full-time judicial externships. We seek a diverse pool of applicants, regardless of class rank or GPA. Applicants must have a good work ethic, a willingness to learn, and completed their 1L year. Apply by January 31 for the following summer, fall, and spring semester positions. Submit a letter of interest, resume, writing sample (no more than five pages, double-spaced, excerpts are fine), law school transcript (unofficial is fine), and names of three references to Honorable Marco Hernández, U.S. District Court, 1507 U.S. Courthouse, 1000 SW Third Avenue, Portland, OR 97204. All submissions must be in hard copy only. Applications will be reviewed shortly after the closing date with interviews typically held in mid to late May.

Courtroom Rules

  • Mobile devices must be turned off before entering the courtroom.
  • Please provide advance notice when you require teleconferencing, intend to utilize the courtroom's video displays, or have other presentation technology questions.
  • Attorneys and parties should conduct themselves with decorum and manners. This is primarily for your own benefit: jurors, courtroom staff, and public observers consistently state that they prefer a civil and collegial relationship between opposing parties and counsel.

Examples for Submissions Referenced in Trial Management Orders