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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Mary L. Moran, Clerk of Court

PDF Documents: Converting From Word and Adding Hyperlinks

Converting Documents from Microsoft Word to Adobe Acrobat

All documents filed in CM/ECF are required to be in Portable Document Format ("pdf"). If you are converting a Microsoft Word ("Word") document to a pdf document using Adobe Acrobat, all hyperlinks created in the Word document should remain intact and active. To convert a Word document to an Acrobat pdf document:



Open the Word document you want to convert to a pdf document  
2 Click the File tab on the Word ribbon image001
3 Click Save as Adobe PDF image002

Select a location to save the file

Name the file

Click the Save button


The pdf document will open when the conversion is complete

Practice Tip:

Before uploading the file to CM/ECF, click the hyperlinks to confirm they are still intact and active


Procedure Part 2 – Adding Hyperlinks to an Acrobat Document

To add a link to an existing Adobe Acrobat .pdf document:

1 Open the .pdf document you want to add a link to  
2 Click Tools on the top right of the Adobe Acrobat toolbar image006
3 Click Content to expand the Content menu image007
4 Click Link on the Content menu image008

Clicking "Link" turns your mouse pointer into a crosshair

Click and drag the crosshairs to form a box around the text you would like to make a link

6 Release the crosshairs after drawing a box around the text to open the Create Link window See below

On the Create Link window:

  1. Edit the Link Appearance as appropriate
  2. Click the Open a Web Page radio button
  3. Click the Next button
8 Paste or type the web address (URL) for the link and click the OK button image011
9 Click the Esc key to exit the create link process image012
10 The new link is now active in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf document image013