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Monday, January 20, 2020

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Mary L. Moran, Clerk of Court

Creating Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word Documents

Procedure Part 1 – Find and Copy a Web Address

The first step to creating a hyperlink ("link") in a Microsoft Word document is to find and copy the web address that you want to include in your document. Follow the steps below to find and copy the web address:


Open the Internet browser of your choice

(Firefox, Safari, IE, Chrome, etc.)

2 Open the web page you would like to reference in your document (citation, ruling, information source, etc.) image002 
3A To link to the page you have open in your browser, highlight the web address in the address bar and press the Ctrl key and the C key image003 
3B To copy a link that is on the page you have open, right click on the link and click "Copy Link Location" image004 

Procedure Part 2 – Insert a Hyperlink

After finding and copying a link, insert the link into your document by following the steps below:

1 Highlight the text in your document that you would like to show as a link image005 
2 Click the Insert tab on the Word ribbon image006 
3 Click Hyperlink to open the "Insert Hyperlink" window image007 
  1. Confirm the text in the "Text to display:" box contains the text that will display as a link in your document (See Step 1, above)
  2. Click Existing File or Web Page
  3. Paste the link address into the "Address:" field by pressing Ctrl+V or by right clicking and selecting Paste
  4. Click the OK button



5 The highlighted text is now a link image011