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CM/ECF Version 6.1 Information

Upgrade Date

The District of Oregon's CM/ECF system will be unavailable for electronic filing and PACER queries beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 21, 2014, through noon on Monday, March 24, 2014.

Internet Browser Compatability

CM/ECF Version 6.1 has been tested with Internet Explorer (IE) 9.x, Firefox 15.x, and Safari 5.1/6.1 (new). 

Notices of Electronic Filing (NEFs)

If an attorney has more than one e-mail address, but not all of the addresses are configured to receive NEFs in a specific case, only the configured addresses will appear in the body of the notice.

Miscellaneous Docketing Changes

The following changes are included in CM/ECF Version 6.1:

Attorneys in civil cases need to have a designation type of either CJA Appointment, Public Defender or Community Defender Appointment, Pro Bono, Waived or Self (Pro Se), or Retained. This is similar to the current designation requirement for attorneys in criminal cases.

The Version 6.1 default designation is Retained.

Attorneys will no longer be able to add themselves as counsel for an opposing party. For example, an attorney for the plaintiff cannot add himself as an attorney for the defendant. The PickFiler screen will be modified so only the parties on the attorney's "side" will be displayed during filing.

If an attorney has an inactive e-mail address, the label "(Inactive)" will appear beside the e-mail address on the front of the docket sheet. This would happen if the attorney or an authorized court user changed the attorney’s e-mail profile in response to the question, "Should this e-mail address receive notices?" from "yes" to "no."


Janet Attorney
Law Offices
9995 S.W. Washington Street
Portland, OR 97204
Fax: 503-233-5721
Email: janet_attorney@ emaildomainforjanet.com (Inactive)

Query Changes


  • The Mobile PACER App

    The mobile Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) Case Locator (PCL) provided by the PACER Service Center is now linked to the District CM/ECF application and is optimized for mobile device display. See Mobile Query information.

  • Exact Matches Only Option
    The Query selection screen includes an Exact matches only checkbox. If this option is checked, the results include only exact matches to the search string entered in the Last/Business Name field.
  • Party Roles
    Party roles are now displayed beside party names listed on the Select a Person query screen.

Select a Person Screen


Refined Selection Options for Creating a Record on Appeal or Appendix

When the Docket Report is run in Create Record on Appeal or Create Appendix mode, an expand button is displayed next to the document number if a docket entry has more than one document. The user can select specific attachments and/or the main document.




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