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Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Mary L. Moran, Clerk of Court

How to Link an Existing CM/ECF Account to a PACER Account

All registered users who had accounts prior to January 21, 2020, will be required to link their PACER and CM/ECF accounts before they may access the system. The linking process is simple and must only be done one time.

Note: If the accounts have not been linked, the Civil and Criminal filing menus will not be available after logging in because the account will have PACER privileges only.


CM/ECF login and password: Before linking, have the credentials for CM/ECF available. During the linking process, the user will be prompted to enter his or her CM/ECF login and password. If the information is incorrect, the accounts will not be linked. Account holders that do not know their CM/ECF user name and/or password should submit an e-filing request via PACER. See Appendix K. 

Upgraded individual PACER account: Before the accounts can be linked, the user must have an upgraded individual PACER account. Do not use a shared account.

NOTE: For more information on PACER Administrative Accounts for purposes of shared billing, see pacer.uscourts.gov/nextgen and click on the shared account FAQ.

To determine whether a PACER account has been upgraded, browse to pacer.uscourts.gov, log in, then click on the Manage My Account link at the top right of the screen. If the account is not upgraded, it will so state next to Account Type:


Click the link to upgrade the PACER account. For more information, see pacer.uscourts.gov/nextgen.

Linking Procedure

Navigate to ecf.ord.uscourts.gov, and when presented with the PACER login screen, use valid PACER credentials for an individual upgraded PACER account to log in.




1.      Click Link a CM/ECF account to my PACER account, which is located under  Utilities and then Your Account.


2.      Enter the user's CM/ECF login and password, then click Submit.


3.      On the next screen, double check the information, and, if it is correct, click the Submit button. A confirmation screen will appear. Refresh the page and the Civil and Criminal filing menus will appear.