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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Hon. Michael McShane, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court

Attorney Instructions for Telephone and Video Conferencing with Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)

Connecting to a Conference

Refer to the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) that you received for your videoconference connection information.


Video Conference Access Information

  • Click the link to join the meeting. The Court has found the best browser on Windows for use with CMS is Chrome, and the best for Mac is Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.

See Troubleshooting below for more connection tips.

Telephone Call-in Information

  • Dial the telephone number provided.
  • Enter conference ID when prompted, then press #.
  • Enter the passcode when prompted, then press #.

Video Systems

  • Connect to Enter the conference ID, then the passcode.

Conference Etiquette

  • Do not use a speakerphone.
  • Using a headset receiver and microphone is highly recommended.
  • Connect several minutes in advance of the hearing to ensure you appear on time.
  • Identify yourself before you speak.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, and do not talk over someone who is already speaking.
  • Mute the microphone when not speaking to reduce background noise.
  • If dropped from the conference, please rejoin the conference and state your name after reconnecting.

Interpreted Hearings

For interpreted hearings, defendants connect by video to the Court and by telephone for the interpretation. Defendants see everyone via the video feed but listen to the proceedings and respond via the telephone line. 

Attorneys wishing to confer privately with their clients during proceedings must e-mail a phone number at which the interpreter may contact them to . For out-of-custody defendants, attorneys must also provide the contact number at which the defendant can be reached by the interpreter. For confidentiality, attorneys must mute the connection with the Court while conferring over the interpreting line.


Cannot Connect to the Conference

  • Internet Explorer does not work with CMS. If you are trying to connect with Internet Explorer, copy the conference link and paste it into a different browser. The Court has had the best success with Chrome on Windows or Safari on Mac. Browser version compatibility is as follows as of the creation date of this document:


  • The first time you connect to the server, your browser will request permissions to show notifications, and to use your computer’s microphone and camera. These permissions must be granted.
  • Clear your browser's cached images and files and restart it.

Poor Call Quality

  • Check your internet speed: the recommended speed for CMS is 1Mbps (1000Kbps).
  • Use a wired internet connection rather than wireless.
  • Avoid using a network connection on which other users are streaming media at the same time.
  • If your internet connection is poor or intermittent or you are experiencing poor audio quality, mute the computer's microphone and speakers and connect by telephone for audio.
  • If your internet connection fails or you notice freezing video or interruptions to the audio, reload the browser tab by clicking in the URL window and pressing enter or by clicking on the Reload button. Reloading the tab will not require you to log in again.

Test Your Connection Prior to the Hearing

If you have not participated in a CMS videoconference before, the Court recommends you connect to the test meeting space to practice and test your systems. This will ensure everything is working properly well before the time set for the hearing and allow time for troubleshooting any issues.


Click the link below to join the test meeting space. The passcode is embedded in the link.


Telephone Information

  • Phone: 571-353-2301, then enter 603173040, Passcode: N/A
  • Video system by SIP: , Passcode: N/A