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Friday, January 21, 2022

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court

United States Magistrate Judge Jolie A. Russo

Mailing Address

Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse
Room 1027
1000 S.W. Third. Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

Contact Information

  • Chambers: 503-326-8370
  • Courtroom Deputy: 503-326-8055
  • Proposed Document Submissions The e-mail address at this link is available for the receipt of submitted jury instructions and proposed forms of orders per LR 5 only and may not be used to submit filings. Unauthorized correspondence will be deleted.

General Inquiries:

For any questions regarding a case before Judge Russo, contact Judge Russo's Courtroom Deputy at the number above.

Rule 16 Conferences:

Judge Russo sets telephone Rule 16 scheduling conferences after either all defendants have appeared or had an order of default entered against them. It is helpful if consents to a Magistrate Judge are filed early in the litigation, particularly with respect to setting a quick and certain trial date.  Accordingly, parties are strongly encouraged to consider consenting to the jurisdiction of a Magistrate Judge.

Discovery Issues:

To save time and attorney fees, Judge Russo is willing to resolve discovery disputes informally by telephone.  To schedule a telephone discovery conference, contact Judge Russo's Courtroom Deputy.

Expectations for the Resolution of Civil Cases

Judge Russo expects the vast majority of civil cases to be tried within 18 months of the date of filing.  At a Rule 16 conference, case management dates will be set with this expectation in mind.  The dispositive motion deadline is usually set for 30 days after the close of discovery and a trial date several months thereafter.

Summary Judgment Motions

Judge Russo strongly encourages parties to only seek summary judgment on issues that clearly involve no question of material fact or that raise significant dispositive legal issues, so as to avoid unnecessarily delaying the resolution of the case, and wasting client's money and the court's resources. Accordingly, the moving party's argument in favor of summary judgment should be well supported by citations to the record, which should be either to the paragraph numbers of affidavits and declarations, or to the page number of any deposition excerpts.  Parties are encouraged to submit copies of all documents in an organized fashion.

Oral Argument

In most cases, Judge Russo will grant a request for oral argument.  Telephone hearings are normally set for non-dispositive motions where at least one party has out-of-town counsel.  Counsel is required to appear for dispositive motions.


The court strongly encourages counsel to hyperlink the cases they cite in their briefs.  For more information, see Section 5 of the CM/ECF User Manual.

Pro Hac Vice

Attorneys admitted pro hac vice and their Oregon counsel should read and be familiar with the court's Local Rules and general litigation practices.

Courtroom Rules

  • Mobile devices must be turned off before entering the courtroom.
  • Please provide advance notice when you require teleconferencing, intend to utilize the courtroom's video displays, or have other presentation technology questions.
  • Attorneys and parties should conduct themselves with decorum and manners. This is primarily for your own benefit: jurors, courtroom staff, and public observers consistently state that they prefer a civil and collegial relationship between opposing parties and counsel.


Résumé - Judge Russo