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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Mary L. Moran, Clerk of Court


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Thursday, April 15, 2021
Time Judge Location Case Number and Name
9:00 AM Judge Mosman Courtroom 16 3:12-cr-560-MO (1) - USA Vs. HOFFMAN, DANIEL GENE [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
9:00 AM Judge You Telephone 3:20-cv-1220-YY - Rollins v. Wink Labs, Inc. et al [Rule 16 Conference]
9:00 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:20-cv-557-AA - Reisner v. Wright Lumber Inc. [Status Conference]
9:30 AM Judge Mosman Video 3:20-cr-76-MO (3) - USA V. KEITHLEY, RONNIE NARON [Change of Plea Hearing]
9:30 AM Judge You Telephone 3:21-cv-114-YY - Jackson v. Regal Cinemas, Inc. [Rule 16 Conference]
9:30 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:13-cv-1478-AA - Magallon v. Robert Half International, Inc. [Status Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Immergut Video 3:19-cv-2106-IM - Sabbe v. Washington County Board of Commissioners et al [Oral Argument]
10:00 AM Judge McShane Telephone 6:20-cv-1412-MC - Winkelaar v. Campbell et al [Discovery Hearing]
10:30 AM Judge Mosman Video 3:18-cr-439-MO (1) - USA Vs. JACKSON, DIONDRA JEROME [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
11:00 AM Judge Acosta Video 3:14-cr-265-SI (2) - USA V. SCHALLOCK, CHELSEA LEEANN [CAPS Conference]
11:00 AM Judge Simon Telephone 3:19-cr-529-SI (1) - USA Vs. JOHNSON, REGINAL GILBERT [Change of Plea Hearing]
11:00 AM Judge McShane Telephone 3:21-cv-527-MC - Merriweather v. Acting Chairman of the United States Parole Commission et al [Status Conference]
11:30 AM Judge Mosman Video 3:15-cr-144-MO (1) - USA Vs. BOLIN, WILLIAM VANCE [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
12:30 PM Judge Acosta Video 3:19-cr-196-IM (1) - USA V. CROSS, ANTHONY QUINN [CAPS Conference]
1:30 PM Judge You Telephone 3:18-cv-300-YY - Nelson-Baca v. State of Oregon by and through Department of Human Services et al [Oral Argument]
1:30 PM Judge Mosman Video 3:20-cv-195-MO - Wildfang Co. v. Target Corporation et al [Oral Argument]
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video 3:21-cr-101-SI (1) - USA V. AREVALO, ADAM [Arraignment]
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video 3:21-mj-63- (1) - USA Vs. HARRISON, MORRIS MARSHALL [Arraignment]
2:30 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 1:11-cr-30051-AA (2) - USA V. MILLER, JUSTIN SCOTT [Status Conference]
3:00 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 1:13-cr-162-AA (1) - USA V. CAUCUTT, ANDREW JAMES [Status Conference]
3:00 PM Judge Immergut Courtroom 13A 3:18-cr-274-IM (1) - USA V. KRUMWIEDE, JOSHUA STEVEN [Oral Argument]
3:30 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:18-cr-462-AA (1) - USA V. COMSTOCK, BRETT COLE GILLISPIE [Status Conference]
4:00 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:13-cr-222-AA (1) - USA V. DOWNING, RAYMOND WHITNEY [Status Conference]