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Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Mary L. Moran, Clerk of Court


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Thursday, June 17, 2021
Time Judge Location Case Number and Name
9:00 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 1:99-cr-30002-AA (2) - USA V. DUBOUCH, DARRIN GEORGE [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
9:00 AM Judge Hernandez Courtroom 9A 3:17-cv-556-HZ - Drozd v. McDaniel [Trial - Jury]
9:00 AM Judge Acosta Video 3:19-cr-196-IM (1) - USA V. CROSS, ANTHONY QUINN [CAPS Conference]
9:00 AM Judge Mosman Courtroom 16 3:19-cr-481-MO (2) - USA Vs. EVANS, ERNEST FRANKLIN [Trial - Jury]
9:00 AM Judge Russo Courtroom 14B 3:19-cv-1657-JR - Ivie v. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP [Trial - Jury]
9:00 AM Judge You Telephone 3:19-cv-944-YY - Mil-Ray v. EVP International, LLC [Hearing]
9:00 AM Judge McShane Video 6:17-cr-421-MC (1) - USA Vs. BOWMAN, TERRY LEE [Status Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Clarke Telephone 1:20-cv-1386-CL - Sides v. Walmart, Inc. [Status Conference]
10:00 AM Judge McShane Courtroom 3 6:21-cr-198-MC (1) - USA V. LLOYD, ANDREW [Change of Plea Hearing]
10:30 AM Judge McShane Video 6:17-cr-237-MC (5) - USA V. MACK, JARED M. [Sentencing]
11:00 AM Judge Simon Telephone 3:20-cv-2285-SI - Gilstrap v. Four Handy Limited et al [Status Conference]
11:00 AM Judge McShane Courtroom 3 6:20-cr-421-MC (1) - USA Vs. STRAUSS, NOLAN LEVI [Change of Plea Hearing]
1:30 PM Judge Acosta Mark O Hatfield Cour 3:20-cr-544-SI (1) - USA V. BROWN, HOWARD DEE [Initial Appearance]
1:30 PM Judge You Telephone 3:20-cv-1220-YY - Rollins v. Wink Labs, Inc. et al [Oral Argument]
1:30 PM Judge Acosta Video 3:21-cr-128-BR (1) - USA V. SAMSON, TRAVIS EDMOND [Initial Appearance]
1:30 PM Judge Jelderks Video 3:21-cr-152-IM (1) - USA V. HARDY, WILLIAM WAYNE [Pretrial Release Violation Hrg]
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Telephone Reentry Court [Reentry Court Hearing]
2:00 PM Judge Sullivan Telephone 2:19-cv-1720-SU - Locker v. Norton [Status Conference]
2:00 PM Judge Simon Courtroom 15B 3:19-cr-436-SI (23) - USA V. MUNSEY, JUSTIN KYLE [Sentencing]
2:00 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:18-cr-373-AA (1) - USA V. BOYNTON, HEATHER [Status Conference]
2:30 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 3:16-cr-425-AA (1) - USA V. PRESTON, DOMINIQUE JAMES [Status Conference]
3:00 PM Judge Clarke Video 1:21-cr-133-MC (2) - USA Vs. HAWKINS, JERRY [Detention Hearing]
3:00 PM Judge Immergut Courtroom 13A 3:16-cr-138-IM (1) - USA Vs. BROWN, GINO SHAUNTEL [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
3:00 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:19-cr-374-AA (1) - USA V. MARSHALL, JAMIL [Status Conference]
3:30 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:18-cr-610-AA (1) - USA V. MARTIN, RICKEY WAYNE [Status Conference]