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Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Hon. Michael McShane, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court

LR 2200 - Bankruptcy Appeals

LR 2200-1 Authorization of Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (BAP) to Hear and Determine Appeals

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 158(b)(6), this Court continues to authorize the  BAP to hear and determine, with all parties' consent, appeals under 28 U.S.C. § 158(a) originating in this district.


Amendment History to LR 2200
June 1, 2002
LR 2200 Rules numbers have been restyled to track the current district court local rules numbering format, e.g., LR 2200.1 has been renumbered to LR 2200-1.
LR 2202-2(a)(1) Reference to Fed.R.Bankr.P. 8001 are added to this subsection.
LR 2200-2(a)(2) The words "other than the original appellant" have been added to this subsection.
LR 2200-4 Amended the twenty-one day notice of appeal time limit to thirty (30) days to reflect current statutory language.
LR2200-6 Amended the twenty-one day notice of appeal time limit to thirty (30) days to reflect current statutory language.
November 1, 2002
LR 2200-3(b)(3) Language of subsection (b)(3) requiring submission of Local Form #800 deleted. Subsequent subsection renumbered.
December 1, 2009
Generally The word "shall" replaced by "must" or "will." The word "brief" replaced by "memorandum."
LR 2200-5 Title change and elimination of previous text. New subsections (a) Appeals in Which Timely Objection to BAP Determination Filed and (b) Appeals in Which Timely Objection to BAP Determination Not Filed added.
LR 2200-6 Edit of subsections (b) and (c), and rewrite of (e) Excerpt of Record.
LR 2200-6(f) Title change to include Motions For Extension of Time To File Memoranda and addition of criteria for the motions for extension of time, supporting documentation, and sanctions for untimely memoranda.
March 1, 2012
LR 2200-2(b) Edited to reflect changes in practice. Bankruptcy clerk no longer transmits any documents to the BAP within the time to object to BAP determination, and documents exchanged by the BAP and the bankruptcy clerk are done electronically.
LR 2200-2(c) Provision deleted.
LR 2200-3 Title reworded to include service of objection to BAP and dispositive orders regarding motions for leave to appeal.
LR 2200-3(a) Reworded heading and first sentence. Deleted requirement to attach certificate of service to original notice of appeal or motion for leave to appeal.
LR 2200-3(b) Deleted former LR 2200-3(b). Subsequent section relettered.
LR 2200-3(c) Relettered as LR 2200-3(b). Revised to indicate that a copy of any order disposing of a motion for leave to appeal is “served on the parties to the appeal.”
LR 2200-6(f) Spelled out the number of days for those referred to within the rule and modified subsection (3) from “Reasons why this extension is necessary” to “Reason(s) the extension is necessary.”
May 1, 2015
LR 2200-1 to LR 220-4 Changed to address provisions that were not consistent with Federal Rule of Bankruptcy provisions after their amendment in December 2014.

December 1, 2020

LR 2200-1

Capitalized "Court" and inserted "continues to" before and "the" after "authorize."  Deleted "s" from end of "authorize" and deleted "bankruptcy appellate panel," and parentheses and quotation marks around BAP.  Inserted ", with all parties' consent," between "determine" and "appeals."  Inserted "under 28 U.S.C. § 158(a)" after "appeals" and deleted "from judgments, orders, and decrees in appeals" before "originating."

LR 2200-2


LR 2200-3