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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court

LR 1017 - Hearing

LR 1017-1 Hearing

A person or entity claiming ownership of, or an interest in, property arrested or attached, or having a right to intervene with respect to such property, may request a prompt hearing under Rule E(4)(f) at which plaintiff must show cause why the arrest or attachment should not be vacated.  The person or entity requesting the hearing must give notice to all persons known to have an interest in the property of the time and place of the hearing.

Amendment History to LR 1017
December 1, 2009
LR 1017-1 The rule was rewritten for clarity.

The phrase "may request a prompt hearing under Rule E(4)(f) . . ." substituted for "may, upon showing of any improper practice or of a manifest want of equity on the part of the plaintiff, be entitled to an order requiring the plaintiff to show . . ."